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If you go to McNary High School, you are invited to club every Monday night at 7:27! We sing, dance, play games, talk about life and what Jesus might have for us. You will often see our leaders at lunches on McNary's campus, at any game that might be going on, and even practices. If you have any questions feel free to call Beau St. Peter @ 503.580.7134, he would love to get to know you.​​

​Meet Beau St. Peter

Beau & Caitlin
Beau is a native of Keizer. He went to Whiteaker Middle School and graduated from McNary High School in 2007. Beau then went on to attend college at Corban University where he started leading a group of sixth graders and has remained with them ever since, those sixth graders are now seniors. Beau became a Staff Associate in 2012 and Area Director in 2014, helping lead Keizer YoungLife in 2012 and has loved every minute of it. Beau says, “It is a gift to be able to go into the world of high schoolers, build friendships, and introduce many of them to Christ.”

Most recently, Beau was married to Caitlin Marshall. Caitlin is the team leader for Sprague YoungLife, so they have YoungLife to thank for introducing them. Beau’s involvement with YoungLife has been one big adventure. In his words “I have seen God do some awesome things and will follow Him in this adventure for as long as I can!”​

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